Heli-cam awesomeness.

3 May

Who doesn’t like a good helicopter shot. How about inside a building? Or 10ft above a horse & carriage? Or low over a vineyard without any rotor wash? These new stabilized heli-cams can do all that and more. Here’s two and a half minutes of delicious aerial amazement courtesy of Holiday Films’ director, Henry Less.


Greg Brunkalla Steps up for Vampire Weekend.

1 May

New York is a city that has been filmed literally millions of times; so how do you find a fresh vision? It’s a testament to Greg Brunkalla’s eye behind a camera when he was asked to shoot ‘Step’, the latest video for Vampire Weekend. “The band wanted to do something that matched their new album cover – black and white NYC footage”. Greg had one day to shoot enough footage for the 4:10 video. And that means you need to be able to move fast and recognize the shots you want instantly. “We got the tram shot while we were sitting in traffic on the Queensboro bridge. I just picked up the camera, held it steady and shot out the window”. The video captures the life and grit of the city while at the same time invoking the spirit of its people and neighbourhoods. All this acts as the perfect backdrop for the playful yet poignant lyrics set over top. As of this post the official video on YouTube has over 1,600,000 views – The gloves are off – the wisdom teeth are out – what you on about?


Lena Beug directs a hilariously ‘dry’ campaign for Deep River Rock Water.

30 Apr

Holiday Films’ director, Lena Beug talks about her hilarious new TV campaign for Deep River Rock water out of McCann Dublin, Ireland.

HF: These are very simple spots executed with great craft. Did you see the potential in them from the beginning?

Lena Beug: The minute I saw these scripts; I knew I wanted to do them. The idea is simple and clear – when you’re dehydrated your brain’s not at 100 percent. The challenge was to cast it and art direct in a way that would bring the idea to life, and make it stand out.

HF: Describe your vision for the production.

Lena Beug: I wanted the viewer to see the world through the dehydrated character’s eyes. It’s a strange, slowed down, de-saturated world where nothing is quite as it should be. It’s a world that is the opposite of what a lot of ads are trying to be.

HF: Being the opposite of everybody else is often a challenging sell to clients.

Lena Beug: It was definitely a leap of faith from the client – but the agency and I were very clear on where we wanted to go with this campaign. The idea wouldn’t have worked if the worlds and the characters had been normal or god forbid ‘aspirational’ – it really needed to be awkward and a little uncomfortable.

HF: So this is really a classic problem/solution message.

Lena Beug: The end frame in which a bottle of Deep River Rock water (owned and bottled by Coca-Cola) slams down into the frame to a chorus of angels singing provides the antidote to what has gone before.

HF: This is quite a departure from the usual advertising we see for bottled water.

Lena Beug: We set out to create a campaign that would stand out. Something strange and memorable as well as visually stylized and dramatically understated, something that would appeal to the 24 year old guy.

HF: Your actors and locations all feel fresh and spot-on for the campaign. Where did you find them?

Lena Beug: We cast in NY and in Dublin, and we found some pretty amazing locations in Ireland – that fit perfectly within our dreary controlled color palette.

HF: Thanks Lena. Awesome campaign.

See the entire campaign here –

Agency: McCann Dublin, Ireland
Production Company: Red Rage Films


Monday Funny. Adam & Dave direct Jon Dore in Big City Heat.

29 Apr

You can’t stop the music bro. Jon Dore really gets into it in this short from Funny as Hell, directed by Holiday Films’ Adam & Dave. Great music, bad hair, tight pants, guns, partial nudity, groin injuries, and a horn section. This one has it all. Crank it up!


Sasha Levinson shoots La Dualidad de Bruna.

25 Apr

Holiday Films director, Sasha Levinson shoots Bruna Sedo, fashion designer for Barcelona fashion house Lurdes Bergada and independent artist – La Dualidad de Bruna (The Duality of Bruna). Bruna’s formidable imagination spills out onto her sketchbooks where she works up stories of life and death and transformation, which she then uses to create dolls.

Bruna loves spontaneity so it’s not surprising when in between moving homes she found herself without her painting supplies yet needed to get some new ideas down on paper so she was inspired to draw in her sketchbook with make-up. “Make-up is something I identify with. Because of the tones/hues it produces some really beautiful things”. The drawings are the basis of character studies for her doll creations involving tragic stories where the subject has died in a heroic or creatively adventurous way. A reoccurring story theme in Bruna’s creations is conjoined twins, which deals with the trauma of separation. Bruna tells us the story about a prince who falls in love with one of the twins but not the other. He invites them over for a romantic dinner and in the process of separating them they die. Only in the afterlife do they become reunited again. Every one of her doll creations is unique with a provocative story to tell.

When Sasha met Bruna in Spain she immediately saw there was an interesting story to be told so she started shooting right then and there with her iPhone. This was the inspiration for a return visit with her proper camera gear. “Bruna explores vast life questions in such a poetic and unusual way. She embodies the idea of duality. The siamese twin theme is completely alluring to me. The idea that two souls are so connected that one cannot live without the other- I love this. We see this film as the beginning. We’ve scratched the surface and now we are working to bring our next collaboration into focus”.

The resulting short film is a remarkably casual and candid exploration of how Bruna’s creative ideas are ignited and brought to life.


Title: La Dualidad de Bruna
Production House: Holiday Films
Director: Sasha Levinson
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata
Producer: Kristi Lippa
Editor: Neil Miller
Director of Photography: Sasha Levinson
Music: Son Lux
Additional Photography: Bruna Sedo Gali
Sound Mix: Liquid Lab


No houses were harmed in the latest spot for BCAA Home Insurance.

24 Apr

Holiday Films’ director Wayne Craig directs a comedy spot assuring BC residents that they are ‘good to go’ if they have home insurance coverage from the BCAA.

The key to this production was to playfully tease at the potential damage that could occur to your house without actually trashing this real Vancouver suburban home. We see the water begin to cascade over the top of the tub, a new dog goes on a tear through the house and that queasy feeling in your stomach when you’re driving away for the weekend and leaving a teenage son and his buddies at home.

Craig’s solution to the bathtub scene was a simple one. “The overflowing bathtub was a problem. Nobody wants their house flooded so our AD Mark Herdman built us an amazing bathroom set in the garage of our location. You’d never know it wasn’t real”.

Bob Simpson, ACD at Rethink reports that Craig wore a football helmet for the majority of the shoot, no doubt to ensure that no unforeseen accidents happened to the director.

Kudos to the entire production and agency teams for a challenging shoot that resulted in this highly enjoyable commercial.


Title: You’re Good to Go
Agency: Rethink

Partner / Co Creative Director: Chris Staples
Partner / Co Creative Director: Ian Grais
Associate Creative Director: Bob Simpson
Art Director: Leia Rogers
Agency Producer: Laura Rioux
Account Manager: Bridget Westerholz

Production Company: Holiday Films
Director: Wayne Craig
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata
Line Producer: Kristi Lippa

DOP: Barry Berona
Editor: Don MacDonald
Editorial Company: Postpro Media
Transfer: Delux
Colourist: Claudio Sepulveda
Audio: Wave
Music: Stock
Engineer: Brandon Edwards

Robert Logevall is Holiday bound

17 Apr



Holiday Films is thrilled to announce that director Robert Logevall has joined their roster for Canadian representation.

Robert is an amazing visual storyteller, whether a lush cinematic odyssey or a subtle yet hilarious comedy; he is a master of his craft. Highly memorable commercials and campaigns fill his reel for clients such as Volkswagen, Fiat, Lexus, Michelob, Tommy Hilfiger, Ford, HSBC, Visa, Chrysler, Verizon, Jackson Triggs, Land Rover, Southwest Airlines and Toyota.

His famous campaigns for Audi and Lincoln Financial won multiple honors at the AICP Show at MOMA in New York, adding to his stellar collection of industry awards.

Logevall grew up in Sweden, and moved to Vancouver to attend college. He began his career working as an art director and a production designer on commercials and music videos for many top international directors, then signing on to three feature films as production designer.

His first project as a music video director won a bucket load of awards in Canada, and he quickly became a much sough-after director for commercials in the U.S. market. He directed a steady stream of award-winning commercials and music videos, as well as the acclaimed short film Vexation Island, with artist Rodney Graham, which opened at the Venice Biennale and went on to play at the Tate and other major galleries around the world.

Logevall directed the film All God’s Children Can Dance, adapted from a short story by the acclaimed Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The feature has screened at several film festivals and recently premiered on IFC.

Robert currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

View Robert Logevall’s reel here 


Doug Pray – inspired by the real people he shoots for Scion.

8 Apr

Doug Pray was looking for real people that are doing positive things in their community for his latest campaign for Scion. “The hard part was choosing our final 5 from the nearly 200 candidates we recruited. There were so many creative entrepreneurs doing these amazing things. I love that Scion has always supported artists and creative communities.”

After recruiting his subjects the plan was to brief them on how to tell their own stories. “We gave each of them a Canon Vixia camera and they had 2 weeks to shoot video documenting their lives. Pray would periodically review their video and make suggestions of what to shoot, and also spent a few days with each conducting on-camera interviews, them driving the car, and other key scenes.

The results are both very personal and inspiring as we learn their stories. Bryant Terry is a chef, food activist and author of Vegan Soul Kitchen and Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen; Daniel Farahirad, along with his father, own a cycling shop in notoriously car centric LA; Travis Hayes Busse is young music promoter, talent buyer, band manager and musician on the fast track. Each of these people make the most of every moment of their day and are bursting with fresh ideas and entrepreneurial hustle.

For people who do not make their living in front of the camera they are surprisingly comfortable and open. Pray knows just how to achieve this – “I don’t ask them questions but rather engage them in a personal conversation. This is their interview, not mine.” A small crew and minimal equipment also helps to keep the mood casual and fun. And a willing client and agency that have great trust in Doug allows him to shoot quickly and move on.

This campaign will inspire people to get off their butt and pursue their passions; it’s already inspired Pray. “Thanks to Bryant, my family has been eating a lot more vegan food and I bought a bike from Daniel so now I’m peddling all around LA.”

The campaign is comprised of 3 15’s, 3 30’s and 5 extended cuts plus print and on-line. Pray once again teamed up with editor Philip Owens, who cut their Emmy Award winning documentary “Art & Copy” as well as last year’s Cannes Lion winning “Project Re:Brief” for Google. The Scion campaign was created by Attik, San Francisco and produced through his US rep, Bob Industries.


Closed Doors

30 Jan

Bedrooms are a private place where we choose to be judged by either closing our doors… or opening them. Leo Burnett’s new spot “Closed Doors” for IKEA, directed by Luis Gerard, captures that feeling of a host’s anxiety in the action of making sure that door is closed and then the feeling of relief that follows in knowing that houseguests won’t be peering into the bedroom. The viewer also gets to experience that feeling of awe and envy when doors are left open to discover a beautifully decorated bedroom, furnished with IKEA pieces and accents.

Title: Closed Doors
Client: IKEA

Agency: Leo Burnett
CEO/Chief Creative Officer: Judy John
Creative Director/Art Director: David Federico
Art Director: Noreel Ausro
Copywriter: Marcus Sagar
Agency Producer: Franca Piacente

Production Company: Holiday Films
Director: Luis Gerard
Executive Producer: Derek Sewell, Josefina Nadurata
Line Producer: Marilyn Kastelic
Director of Photography: Alex Martinez

Editorial Company: Rooster
Editor: Marc Langley
Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn

Sound Design and Mixing: Grayson Matthews

Colour Grading: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp


Holiday Party

21 Dec

Holiday Films celebrates the holidays with a group of incredible people.
Thanks to everyone who made the night such a special evening.
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday and all our best for the new year.
See you next year!