Mission Statement

So this is where we attempt to impress you with the stunning breadth of our production experience, visionary foresight and effortlessly cool. We might casually toss off things like post-viral media an cross-platform integration, subtly suggesting that we know exactly where advertising is headed and what’s going to happen once it gets there. We could drop hints as to the surpassing grooviness of our downtown HQ, onsite masseuse and freight elevator big enough for principals’ his ‘n’ hers G-wagons. Maybe here is even a good place to let it slip that we’re in a band; that our work is on loan to some Guggenheim Museum or other; or that we have a pair of super hot interns whose sole duty is to polish our massive Gold Lion collection (when they aren’t making Bellinis for visiting agency producers).

Or not.

Instead, we’ll just say that we are Derek Sewell and Josefina Nadurata, and we’ve been making moving pictures for a good long time – over 35 years between us. we are hands-on executive producers with a diversified roster of intelligent collaborative, forward-thinking directors whose work we admire. And we’re always seeking out and developing fresh image-makers and storytellers, whether they’re working in digital effects, web-centric video or good old-fashioned film.

Cool comes and goes, working models shift and mediums change, but the need to mate message to image in the most compelling way never does. Neither does your need for rock-solid production support. Bring your message and we’ll help you turn it into amazing images – as smartly, passionately and economically as we can. It’s what we love.  And, frankly, it’s all we know how to do.

We Represent:

Adam & Dave

Aaron Ruell

Alex Fernbach

Ben Mor

Cole Webley

Doug Pray

Henry Less

Jim Field Smith

Keith Rivers


Lena Beug

Luis Gerard

Nico & Martin

Neil Abramson

Margo Weathers

Rick LeMoine

Ryan Gibb

Sasha Levinson

Scott Corbett

Sean Thonson

Steven Tsuchida

Wayne Craig

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