Greg Brunkalla Steps up for Vampire Weekend.

1 May

New York is a city that has been filmed literally millions of times; so how do you find a fresh vision? It’s a testament to Greg Brunkalla’s eye behind a camera when he was asked to shoot ‘Step’, the latest video for Vampire Weekend. “The band wanted to do something that matched their new album cover – black and white NYC footage”. Greg had one day to shoot enough footage for the 4:10 video. And that means you need to be able to move fast and recognize the shots you want instantly. “We got the tram shot while we were sitting in traffic on the Queensboro bridge. I just picked up the camera, held it steady and shot out the window”. The video captures the life and grit of the city while at the same time invoking the spirit of its people and neighbourhoods. All this acts as the perfect backdrop for the playful yet poignant lyrics set over top. As of this post the official video on YouTube has over 1,600,000 views – The gloves are off – the wisdom teeth are out – what you on about?

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