Lena Beug directs a hilariously ‘dry’ campaign for Deep River Rock Water.

30 Apr

Holiday Films’ director, Lena Beug talks about her hilarious new TV campaign for Deep River Rock water out of McCann Dublin, Ireland.

HF: These are very simple spots executed with great craft. Did you see the potential in them from the beginning?

Lena Beug: The minute I saw these scripts; I knew I wanted to do them. The idea is simple and clear – when you’re dehydrated your brain’s not at 100 percent. The challenge was to cast it and art direct in a way that would bring the idea to life, and make it stand out.

HF: Describe your vision for the production.

Lena Beug: I wanted the viewer to see the world through the dehydrated character’s eyes. It’s a strange, slowed down, de-saturated world where nothing is quite as it should be. It’s a world that is the opposite of what a lot of ads are trying to be.

HF: Being the opposite of everybody else is often a challenging sell to clients.

Lena Beug: It was definitely a leap of faith from the client – but the agency and I were very clear on where we wanted to go with this campaign. The idea wouldn’t have worked if the worlds and the characters had been normal or god forbid ‘aspirational’ – it really needed to be awkward and a little uncomfortable.

HF: So this is really a classic problem/solution message.

Lena Beug: The end frame in which a bottle of Deep River Rock water (owned and bottled by Coca-Cola) slams down into the frame to a chorus of angels singing provides the antidote to what has gone before.

HF: This is quite a departure from the usual advertising we see for bottled water.

Lena Beug: We set out to create a campaign that would stand out. Something strange and memorable as well as visually stylized and dramatically understated, something that would appeal to the 24 year old guy.

HF: Your actors and locations all feel fresh and spot-on for the campaign. Where did you find them?

Lena Beug: We cast in NY and in Dublin, and we found some pretty amazing locations in Ireland – that fit perfectly within our dreary controlled color palette.

HF: Thanks Lena. Awesome campaign.

See the entire campaign here –

Agency: McCann Dublin, Ireland
Production Company: Red Rage Films

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