No houses were harmed in the latest spot for BCAA Home Insurance.

24 Apr

Holiday Films’ director Wayne Craig directs a comedy spot assuring BC residents that they are ‘good to go’ if they have home insurance coverage from the BCAA.

The key to this production was to playfully tease at the potential damage that could occur to your house without actually trashing this real Vancouver suburban home. We see the water begin to cascade over the top of the tub, a new dog goes on a tear through the house and that queasy feeling in your stomach when you’re driving away for the weekend and leaving a teenage son and his buddies at home.

Craig’s solution to the bathtub scene was a simple one. “The overflowing bathtub was a problem. Nobody wants their house flooded so our AD Mark Herdman built us an amazing bathroom set in the garage of our location. You’d never know it wasn’t real”.

Bob Simpson, ACD at Rethink reports that Craig wore a football helmet for the majority of the shoot, no doubt to ensure that no unforeseen accidents happened to the director.

Kudos to the entire production and agency teams for a challenging shoot that resulted in this highly enjoyable commercial.


Title: You’re Good to Go
Agency: Rethink

Partner / Co Creative Director: Chris Staples
Partner / Co Creative Director: Ian Grais
Associate Creative Director: Bob Simpson
Art Director: Leia Rogers
Agency Producer: Laura Rioux
Account Manager: Bridget Westerholz

Production Company: Holiday Films
Director: Wayne Craig
Executive Producer: Josefina Nadurata
Line Producer: Kristi Lippa

DOP: Barry Berona
Editor: Don MacDonald
Editorial Company: Postpro Media
Transfer: Delux
Colourist: Claudio Sepulveda
Audio: Wave
Music: Stock
Engineer: Brandon Edwards

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