Doug Pray – inspired by the real people he shoots for Scion.

8 Apr

Doug Pray was looking for real people that are doing positive things in their community for his latest campaign for Scion. “The hard part was choosing our final 5 from the nearly 200 candidates we recruited. There were so many creative entrepreneurs doing these amazing things. I love that Scion has always supported artists and creative communities.”

After recruiting his subjects the plan was to brief them on how to tell their own stories. “We gave each of them a Canon Vixia camera and they had 2 weeks to shoot video documenting their lives. Pray would periodically review their video and make suggestions of what to shoot, and also spent a few days with each conducting on-camera interviews, them driving the car, and other key scenes.

The results are both very personal and inspiring as we learn their stories. Bryant Terry is a chef, food activist and author of Vegan Soul Kitchen and Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen; Daniel Farahirad, along with his father, own a cycling shop in notoriously car centric LA; Travis Hayes Busse is young music promoter, talent buyer, band manager and musician on the fast track. Each of these people make the most of every moment of their day and are bursting with fresh ideas and entrepreneurial hustle.

For people who do not make their living in front of the camera they are surprisingly comfortable and open. Pray knows just how to achieve this – “I don’t ask them questions but rather engage them in a personal conversation. This is their interview, not mine.” A small crew and minimal equipment also helps to keep the mood casual and fun. And a willing client and agency that have great trust in Doug allows him to shoot quickly and move on.

This campaign will inspire people to get off their butt and pursue their passions; it’s already inspired Pray. “Thanks to Bryant, my family has been eating a lot more vegan food and I bought a bike from Daniel so now I’m peddling all around LA.”

The campaign is comprised of 3 15’s, 3 30’s and 5 extended cuts plus print and on-line. Pray once again teamed up with editor Philip Owens, who cut their Emmy Award winning documentary “Art & Copy” as well as last year’s Cannes Lion winning “Project Re:Brief” for Google. The Scion campaign was created by Attik, San Francisco and produced through his US rep, Bob Industries.

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