Margo Weathers’ Postal Art

24 Jul

Director and photographer Margo Weathers likes to mess with the postal system by creating art out of her letters and packages.

Margo Weathers has been creating what she calls “Postal Art” for 12 years. “I was shooting in Miami and found an unripe coconut in the most beautiful coral colour and I wanted to send it to a friend,” explains Weathers. “But hated to ruin the effect by wrapping it.” She then looked up the United States Postal Service’s requirements and discovered that there were no regulations about putting a stamp directly on something and shipping it. So she took the coconut, with the address hand written on the skin and a beautiful stamp attached, to a puzzled USPS employee and shipped it. The coconut reached its recipient.

Since then, Weathers has mailed everything from rusty old car parts to a plastic fish. “I love using clip art, vintage photographs, stuff I find in flea markets and even the photography of friends and things I’ve shot to create these pieces.” Says Weathers. “I also have a collection of typewriters in various states of disrepair that I like to use, since my handwriting is not, well, the most artistic form of communication.”

Thanks to Grayson Matthews for the original music for the montage.

View Margo Weathers’ commercial film reel.

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