Project Re: Brief in Cannes

21 Jun

Tomorrow, the film created to showcase Google’s “Project Re: Brief” is having its premiere at the Cannes Lions.

Directed by Holiday Films’ Doug Pray, also the director behind the Emmy award-winning documentary “Art & Copy“, the project is a partnership between Google, ad agency Johannes Leonardo, global brands and advertising legends. The film illustrates how “Project Re: Brief” re-imagined some of the most iconic ads of all time as digital ideas for the web.

The revisited campaigns are Coca-Cola’s 1971 “Hilltop”, Volvo’s 1962 “Drive it Like You Hate It,” Alka-Seltzer’s 1972 “I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing”, and Avis’ 1962 “We Try Harder” campaign. To bring the ads into the present, they have been infused with Google products and services like Google Maps, Google Mobile, Google Translate, Gmail and YouTube.

“One of the most inspiring things about making ‘Art & Copy’, was the chance I had to meet so many legendary creatives, and to be able to learn from them.” Explains Doug Pray. “But in truth, when I made ‘Art & Copy’ I only spent a few hours with each character. ‘Project Re: Brief’ allowed the same opportunity for me to meet with, and become inspired by a group of talented icons, but this time, they were actually doing something. I was allowed to spend many days with them, during the ups and downs and daily interactions of creating a successful campaign. This was fascinating and a completely different challenge that excited me.

When asked about how working on “Project Re: Brief” affected his own thinking, Pray said, “working on this project has given me a renewed healthy respect for the age-old lessons about story-telling and the importance of connection, in advertising, filmmaking, anywhere communication is occurring. As one who is very cynical of most web-technology and all the hype surrounding it (I avoid all forms of social networking and almost never click on anything), I was admittedly impressed with the as-yet-untapped power and scope of Google’s technology– it is mind-boggling (and, at times frightening in a “future shock” kind of way). What was truly powerful for me, was to see actual evidence of emotional, entertaining and very human connection occurring within this framework. It simultaneously gave hope for the future, while proving, conclusively, that the story-telling lessons of the past are never, ever, going to change. As long as we’re still human.”

In you are on Cannes, and have a delegate pass, you can take in a seminar on the project at 9:30 tomorrow. Amil Gargano (Volvo’s ‘Drive It Like You Hate It’), Paula Green (Avis ‘We Try Harder’), Howie Cohen and Bob Pasqualina (Alka Seltzer ‘I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing’), will be in attendance to discuss the work.

The film has its premiere at 7pm.

Earlier this week, “Hilltop Reimagined” picked up the inaugural Mobile Grand Prix. Today the project was honoured with two Silver Cyber Lions – one for the campaign in its entirely, and the other for “Hilltop Reimagined”.

View the trailer for “Project Re: Brief and Doug Pray’s commercial film reel.

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