7 Jun

Holiday’s Cole Webley has recently completed a dark and thought-provoking short film, “Birdland”.

The 14 minute film, written and directed by Webley, is loosely based on the murder of an elderly farming couple in his hometown of Quincy, Washington in the late 90s.

“The killers were three young boys, boys that I went to school with that were 15 and 16 at the time.” Explains Webley. “It’s told through the voice-over of a young girl from the town. In a more poetic than narrative tone, the film asks the question: ‘can we can really avoid evil in this life?'”

“Birdland” premiered at The Athens International Film & Video Festival in April, and has been submitted to numerous other festivals.

“I’m hoping to develop the themes, and the narrative of ‘Birdland’ into my first feature film,” adds Webley.

View Cole Webley’s commercial film reel.

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