Meet Keith Rivers

28 May

We are pleased to announce the addition of director Keith Rivers to our roster for Canadian representation.

Keith Rivers has a unique and energetic documentary style of storytelling, which he has brought to commercial films for clients such as Chevrolet, Volvo, Microsoft, Pepsi, Amazon, World Vision and Shake Poverty. He is currently working on a project for Microsoft with UK music artist Alex Clare, which is scheduled to break around the globe at the end of June.

“Keith comes from an editing background and it shows in his work,” says Derek Sewell, Partner and Executive Producer, Holiday Films. “The stories he crafts are beautiful, often consisting of rich colours and highly stylized camera techniques, and always demonstrate a strong point of view. We’re excited to be offering his talents to the Canadian market for the first time.”

A 28 year-old Seattle native, Keith began making films at the age of 12, using his father’s VHS camera. From those early Monty Python parody films, Rivers evolved into directing extreme ski films for various competitions and festivals. After graduating from the Art Institute with a degree in Film, Rivers began as an editor for Microsoft’s X-Box Live Marketplace and that position soon led to opportunities to direct several Microsoft online campaigns. Keith often edits his own projects.

View Keith Rivers’ reel.

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