Nike Barbershop

23 May

Director Scott Corbett’s latest for Nike stars Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli walking into a traditional barbershop to get a new look. This spot pretty much had us with one footballer, but then we noticed two more – French player Mamadou Sakho and Argentine star Javier Pastore provide some nice background eye candy.

When asked by the barber what he’d like, Balotelli says, “to be remembered”. Smooth. It’s what we all want, right? A montage of different hairdos ensues, mostly bad looks with Balotelli and the footballer peanut gallery giving some great reactions. The final look, a sleek mohawk. We approve.

The film, which at the time of this posting had already received over a million hits in 48 hours, is part of the “My Time is Now” campaign which directs traffic to a Facebook App that enables users to try on ten famous footballers iconic hairstyles and share them with friends.

Oh, final note. The spot features a nice use of the overture to the Barber of Seville.

View Scott Corbett’s reel.

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