3 May

This past Tuesday night, Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper, who make up Holiday Films’ directorial and design collective LEGS, were part of CNNCTD+100 at New York’s New Museum.

The night showcased 100 of the city’s biggest influencers and creatives, bringing together a true cross-section of New York City culture. In advance of the event, the 100, which also included Pharrell Williams, Spike Lee, Scott Campbell, Yoko Ono, Atrak and Narciso Rodriguez, were given blank MP3 Playbuttons and each designed original artwork and recordings that were presented at the show.

Here’s LEGS’ contribution to the night – “Long Live Legs”

“Long Live Legs”: by Geremy Jasper & Georgie Greville.
A crunk collage for the CNNCTD +100 show.
Produced by Geremy Jasper & Chris Sanchez at Gold Coast Recorders.
Guest vocals from beyond the grave by Brother Theodore

Check out LEGS’ commercial film reel.

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