It Gets Bearable

12 Mar

Here’s the latest sketch from our directorial duo Adam & Dave who are working as Creative Producers, Directors and Writers on Season two of HBO Canada’s Funny as Hell.

“It Gets Bearable” aired on the program this past Friday night and below, Adam & Dave give some insight into its creation.

Q: Spoofing bullying – discuss the choice/concept for this sketch.

Adam & Dave: Jon Dore introduces his new anti-bullying campaign for realists. It might not get better, but it should get bearable.
Nobody wants to set bullied kids expectations up too high, they’ve already been through enough.

Q: Were you two bullied or bulliers growing up? (is this a stupid question?)

Adam & Dave: Yeah it is a stupid question, dumbass! All these questions are so stupid you little jerk. You’ll never amount to anything.
P.S. No we were never bullied, nor would we ever bully someone.

Q: How much of this was scripted and how much was improvised?

Adam & Dave: I think it was 70% scripted and 40% improvised. That’s right, we always give 110% when making comedy films.

Q: The ball throw – hilarious. Anything I should know about that? How many takes to get it?

Adam & Dave: Even though we had top Montreal stunt co-coordinators on this job, Dave DEMANDED to be the one to throw the ball at Jon’s face. He had to do it over and over, even though I was confident that he got it in the first take. And true story, Jon’s parents were in the room to witness the degradation of their only son.

Watch “It Gets Bearable” and the two previous sketches “Coming Soon” and “H.O.R.S.E.”

View Adam & Dave’s reel.

Check back next Monday for another sketch from Adam & Dave and Funny as Hell.

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