Coming Soon

5 Mar

In their latest sketch, “Coming Soon”, for HBO Canada’s second season of Funny as Hell, Holiday Films’ directors Adam & Dave take on the typical Hollywood trailer, in a not so typical way.

Below is a Q&A with Adam & Dave on the spot.

Q: How would you describe “Coming Soon”?

Adam & Dave: Man makes trailer about man’s inhumanity towards man by making a trailer starring Man making a trailer about man’s inhumanity towards man.

Q: I love how this mimics (or mocks) the typical Hollywood trailer. Thoughts on that?

Adam & Dave: Actually we were not mocking, but rather adhering to the rules of trailers. There is actually a secret Preview Syndicate in Hollywood that brutally enforces the rules of movie trailers. They will go after any editor who doesn’t follow their strict regulations of baritone voice-overs, bad slow motion and liberal use of low frequency sound effects. Punishment from the Preview Syndicate can range from having your email leaked so you ALWAYS get junk mail no matter what kind of spam filter you have to being buried alive in a casket full of scorpions.

Q: Who is the Best Friend?

Adam & Dave: The Best Friend character represents that person in life who doesn’t believe in you until you prove it to them. In this case, the actor Pat Thornton did not believe we could actually make this trailer parody work, so we hired him just to prove a point. In fact about 90 – 95% of our casting is done to prove some sort of point to the actors.

Q: Do you have a favourite part?

Adam & Dave: Jon’s quest for more angles. That camera can go anywhere people, time to get creative.

Q: Please discuss Dave’s cameo (the guy eating popcorn):

Adam & Dave: It’s actually a 100% computer generated reproduction of Dave. To be honest, it was an incredibly expensive shot and severely crippled the budget for the show. It’s so good you can’t even tell. We still believe it was totally worth it.

Q: Anything else you’d like to tell us about “Coming Soon”?

Adam & Dave: Jon Dore has been trapped in this character since we finished shooting and continues to live his life like he’s in a trailer. He has kicked down several doors and screamed that he “wants his son back” and also has been barging into police stations to throw a badge down on the Chief’s desks and tell them he quits.

Watch “Coming Soon” and last week’s sketch, H.O.R.S.E.

View Adam & Dave’s reel.

Please check back next week for another bit of hilarity from Adam & Dave and Funny as Hell.

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