Art & Copy Wins an Emmy

28 Sep

Congratulations go out to Doug Pray on his Emmy win for Art & Copy. The documentary, which goes behind the scenes of the greatest ads of our time and into the minds of the showmen and women behind them, won the Emmy for outstanding arts and culture programming.

“What’s different and perhaps surprising about this movie, is that it isn’t about bad advertising, that 98% which so often annoys and disrespects its audience,” says Doug Pray, Director, Art & Copy. “I didn’t want to make a doc that just trashes trashy advertising. Too easy, too obvious, and why bother? Instead, granted access to a handful of the greatest advertising minds of the last fifty years, I felt it could be a more powerful statement to focus the film only on those rare few who actually moved and inspired our culture with their work. And that higher standard made me want to make a film that reflected the same kind of disciplined artistic approach that my subjects used.”

The film is a must see for anyone working in or with a love for advertising. Art & Copy’s past honours include being in the official selection at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009 and in the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival’s Hot Docs.

We are pleased to represent Doug Pray for commercial film production in Canada. You can see his reel here.

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