CNIB – Seeing Beyond Vision Loss

12 Nov

When TBWA’s Jen Mete approached us with this idea crafted by astute creatives, Mia Thomsett and John Williamson, Holiday did not have to look far to find the perfect director – Doug Pray.

His ability to shape and tell the stories of these incredible people was a real gift and honor.

“We’re not out to make superheroes in this campaign, but we are going to show that blindness does not have to be debilitating. We’re out to destroy the “oh pity, they can’t do anything” societal mindset, and portray non-sighted individuals getting along in a complex tactile world “very well, thank you”.

The Lotus Awards for Best Other Interactive Digital was awarded to TBWA for this CNIB Campaign and rightfully so; the messages are poignant and uplifting.

CNIB and it’s members continue to see beyond vision loss and is a great inspiration. Nice work TBWA.

See the award winning campaign here.

Learn more about CNIB visit their website.

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