See Something Original With RBC and TIFF

9 Sep

The Toronto International Film Festival is now on in Toronto and we at Holiday have been busy producing the RBC’s TIFF Sponsorship campaign via BBDO, Toronto. The comedic three spot “See Something Original” campaign is directed by Scott Corbett and puts a twist onto the preconceptions of traditional film genres and themes.  This ironic tone is due to notable BBDO creatives Chris Joakim and Mike Donaghey who are masters of their craft. This combined with Scott’s natural ability to bring a sense of subtle parody to the screen make for some side splitting spots.

Enjoy, and see you all at the Festival!

Link to campaign

Q&A with Scott Corbett

The spots feature traditional film genres looks, please tell me about how you chose to create these film looks.

I wanted the look of each spot to feel familiar but original at the same time. So we did a little genre tweaking. For “Western”, I had Shane in mind from a storytelling and emotional standpoint, but wanted the look of a Sergio Leone film. For “$50,000,” although the tone was that of an Adam Sandler comedy, the look was 70s Boogie Nights. And for “Mirror,” we went for the darker, grittier look of films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original, of course) with a nod to more recent horror films like Scream.

The twists at the end are hilarious. Can you speak a bit about the creative and the endings.

The scripts were well-drawn and wonderfully conceived on the page, but allowed room for the director to bring his/her own thing to them. Which is always ideal. The spots relied heavily on the visual payoffs at the end and had to look convincing. Since each one was original in some way, they were open to interpretation and required a great deal of ingenuity and artistry to execute. Mike and Chris, the creatives, were incredibly collaborative from the start and gave everyone the space to bring these to life in a fresh and inspiring way.

Anything else you think I should know?

It took over a thousand $100 bills to make the moneyman suit. My request that they be real was quickly rejected.


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